"Skin in the Game" Pricing That Provides You More Value at Lower Risk

I know that as a business owner, you have be confident that you’re getting the best possible value for your investment. That’s why my pricing model is based on a affordable retainer plus performance bonus. This means that I charge a low monthly retainer fee to manage your marketing, and then offer a performance bonus based on the results we achieve for you. We believe this pricing model is the best way to ensure that we’re fully invested in your success, and that you’re able to achieve your business goals without taking on undue risk.

I work hard to deliver results for our clients, and our pricing structure reflects that commitment

My Services Outperform an Agency or In-House Employee

Rasneet Chawla - Freelancer


In-House Employee


Fraction of a cost than an agency and do not require employee benefits

Expensive due to overhead costs and often require contracts

Requires employee salary and benefits


Highly specialized in Paid Ads with advanced knowledge of other areas of digital marketing

Offers a wide range of services but may not have expertise in every area

May have general knowledge of digital marketing but not specialized expertise


Can adjust their workload and schedule to meet the needs of your business

May have limited availability due to working with multiple clients

May not be able to adjust their workload and schedule to meet the needs of your business


Direct communication with the me, resulting in faster response times and more personalized service

Communication may be delayed or require a middleman, resulting in slower response times

Direct communication with the employee, but may have limited availability


Results-driven and accountable for their work and results

May not always prioritize individual clients' goals and results

Accountable for their work, but may not have as much pressure to produce results


Often provide higher quality work due to specialized expertise and personalized attention

Quality may vary based on the agency's workload and team members assigned to the project

Quality may vary based on the employee's workload and level of expertise

Paid Ads Packages starting at $699/month + performance based bonus

All paid ads packages include:

Get agency level service at a fraction of the cost - Ad hoc service at $90/hour + GST

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